Collins Equestrian offers Equine Acupressure as a therapy option to horses in the program as well as off-site clients.

Jenn Collins is an ongoing student and practitioner of Equine Acupressure. under the tutelage of Diana Thompson.

Acupressure is a therapeutic tool used to restore, replenish and maintain the natural harmony and balance of the whole body. It achieves balance by removing any interruptions or blockages in the flow of Chi (energy) in the body.

Harmony and Balance = Health, inside and out.

Acupressure is a healing technique that is thousands of years old. Long ago it was used to maintain health of livestock and military horses in China and other eastern countries.

Acupressure is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles. A balanced body is imperative for good health and well-being. A balanced body is able to heal and defend itself against illness and disease.

In TCM, health is defined as the internal elements of the body — blood, chi(energy), nutrients, organs, tissues, emotions — being in harmony and balance within themselves and with the external elements — nutrition, living and working environment, relationships, weather, exercise. The body is treated as an integrated whole — mind, body, and soul. All are connected and affect health. An animal’s emotional state can influence health as much as the strength of the heart or hind end. A problem that originates in one part of the body, if not identified or addressed, will eventually affect another part of the body or mind; e.g., a body with pain in the shoulder can also suffer neck pain, emotional behavior, or lethargy.

According to TCM, the flow of energy can be influenced by stimulating specific pools of energy, called “Acupoints”, located along the meridians. Acupoints are the most accessible for the manipulation of energy and allow surface access to the organs.

Pressing lightly on these acupoints helps to regulate, restore, replenish, and maintain the flow of energy. Pain is reduced or eliminated. Behaviors change. The body is able to heal more quickly.  The immune system is stronger and better able to fight off illness and disease. Thus, Balance and Health is achieved when Chi is abundant and flowing smoothly.

  • Gentle and effective
  • Non-Invasive
  • Safe
  • Preventative Therapy
  • Complementary to western medicine